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One Diet Doesn't Fit All

Welcome to my first blog post. I am so excited to share with you. I've been wanting to start sharing with you for a while, but have gotten stuck on where to start--just like I can be stuck in any area of my life. To finally publish this first post I owe my inspiration to my beautiful teenage daughter, Bergen. She did it, along with diving head first into yoga, meditation, and a healing diet. Now that's inspiring.


Today's topic should be headlined everywhere someone is trying to convince you to eat a certain way: No one diet fits everyone. This shouldn't be surprising to us since we are all different. Yet so much of what we read and hear tries to convince us that if we "just" followed this diet, we would lose those pesky pounds and maybe even regain our health and happiness along the way. (I'll address why losing those last ten pounds won't make you happy in a later post).


"Okay," you say, "so now I know that [insert name of diet] didn't work for me because I'm not [insert author of diet], so what do I do? It's all so confusing!" Indeed. But it shouldn't be.


As a Wellness Warrior and Holistic Health Coach, I coach clients to eat real food. As Dr. Mark Hyman points out in his book Food: What the Heck Should I Eat?, most of what we eat these days is not really food--it's manufactured, processed, filled with additives, sometimes chemicals, and who knows what else!


So, if you're struggling, start with real food. Ditch the fast food, processed food, factory-farmed or produced food. Go with lots of vegetables (especially the green ones!), fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains, beans, legumes, grass fed dairy (if you tolerate dairy), wild caught fish, and sustainably and ethically raised meat and poultry. Drink water! Read Dr. Mark Hyman's book, too.




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