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Here's my story about how I changed my eating habits, learned to listen and trust my intuition, learned that being healthy doesn't have to be a struggle, learned to be happy in my own body, and discovered my self esteem.


My Story--How I Overcame the Confusion and Struggle:

I rarely drank water and relied on diet sodas. I used to struggle with my weight, my body image, and my relationship with food and had pretty low self esteem around these issues. One day a roommate asked me why I didn't drink water when I was thirsty. I didn't have an answer, but that one question set me on the path to changing my eating habits.

It was slow progress. Then I had my son who developed colic as soon as my milk came in. I did some research and cut out wheat, corn, oats, and soy. Problem solved...and lo and behold: I felt better, too! But I was still fumbling in the dark.

Several years later, I learned that a coach could actually help me with this "stuff." I had no idea, but if the yoga teacher whom I admired and thought had it all together was seeing a coach for help, then maybe I could, and should, too.

So, I did. Once I started working with my coach, there was no looking back: the struggle, the shame, and the negative self talk began to be replaced by freedom, joy, and a whole new level of health and wellness I never thought possible. I learned how to change the stories I told about myself. I learned to eat in a healing, wholesome way. My body and my mind started to transform.

I've tried it all. The diets, the fads, the cleanses, the workouts, counting calories. I've lost weight, I've gained weight. And I was never happy with how I looked or felt.

And guess what? Now I believe in myself, my beauty, my strength. I don't struggle anymore. I know how to eat, too. Sure, I get frustrated now and then because I'm only human like you, but those setbacks are temporary and I know how to get past them. And, I'm not on a diet anymore. I have clarity and awareness around how I feed my body. Now, with my program, I would like to share that with you.

Fun facts: I love to ski, bike ride, run, do CrossFit, practice yoga. I love chocolate, raspberries, and red wine (not always in that order). I have two wonderful teenagers and an amazing husband of 20 years--and I love them most!

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Alexandra Sosnkowski

As a coach, I put the power back in YOUR hands.

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  • Get inspired!
  • Lose the shame.
  • Feel the glow.
  • Get connected from the inside out.
  • It's time to listen to what your body has to say to you.
  • Learn to appreciate your amazing body.
  • Motivation is a symptom, not a solution.
  • Learn what to eat.