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Being healthy doesn’t have to be a struggle.
Your Whole Health Solutions Health Coaching is here to help.

Who's in charge? You or food?

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Are you happy with your body or do you struggle with it?
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Does your inner critic ever stop talking about your body or what you're eating?
Let's change the stories you tell yourself and send your inner critic on vacation.
How are calorie restriction and exercise working for you?
There's a much easier, gentler, successful way to go about all of this and you can learn it!
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Alex is here to help you achieve your health goals with an approach unlike you've probably heard of before. 
In the free hour consultation she offers, I was amazed to learn the connection of emotion to my eating habits, allowing me to easily find solutions I never would of thought of to improve my health. Her health system classifies Primary foods as food for the soul, and Secondary foods as foods. Meaning, you're not doing your body any good suffering with your kale smoothies, so how can you find a balance of healthy eating, and feeding the soul? Alex can help you find that balance.

My name is Alexandra (Alex) Sosnkowski. Click here to find out more about me and how I work.